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Tadler Hoopes Center for Healing/Co-operative

Create an effective, supportive and safe place for patients to heal, learn and grow.


The Tadler Hoopes Center for Healing is a place for healing. We are a “family” Center that has
grown primarily by word of mouth. It is a place where you will be heard and can be healed. We
are not a primary care clinic (insurance based, pharmaceutical driven). The University and
other local hospital and health care systems provide a need and what they do well, they excel
at. We are a holistic functional medicine clinic.


When people come to us, it is because the healthcare system has not worked for them.
Chronic care, pain, mental issues and stress are some examples of ailments that our health care
system fails to address. Sometimes (most of the time) it takes more than 5 minutes, an ICD
code and a prescription pharmaceutical. That’s why we are here. Functional medicine, founded
some 30 years ago and spearheaded by a group at the Cleveland Clinic, is finding a place
internationally. Because it works. So, when you are not making headway and the insurance-
based system is failing you, come to see us. We will treat you as family, as tribe, as a
community of friends. We will listen and help you get to the root of your symptoms and we can
help you heal. Functional medicine is a legitimate, scientifically supported, specialty of
medicine which considers the evidence for and clinical efficacy of a holistic approach. What this
means is that, we put the science into integrative medicine. Practically, this means, that, we
address the whole person and it works. Come see us, we will partner with you and we can help.

About Scott Tadler, M.D.

Scott C. Tadler MD is a medical doctor (University of California, Irvine School of Medicine 1994,
and an Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society graduate). His first residency training was in
Emergency Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, which he completed in 1997. After 10
years in Emergency Medicine Practice, Dr. Tadler continued his training as Anesthesiologist
(University of New Mexico) and as a Research Fellow (University of Utah). He has been on the
faculty of the University of Utah since 2007 and is now an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
and Psychiatry there. His areas of research have most recently centered on the development of
effective therapies for Treatment Resistant Depression. He has recently completed the first
randomized clinical trial using propofol (an anesthetic) as an alternative for electroconvulsive
therapy. (See CV below for a full list of Dr. Tadler extensive work, awards and recognition).

His work at the Huntsman Mental Health Institute (formerly University Neuropsychiatric
Institute) has had a profound impact on him and for this reason, he has chosen to open the
clinic. By providing the best possible, holistic, comprehensive and compassionate care, we have
seen marked improvements in our patients health and quality of life. Where the healthcare
system is failing, we are having an impact. We now offer this service to the community. An
opportunity to become a member of our extended family/tribe/community and partner with us
for healing. Please call, come in or book an appointment if you wish to learn more.
Scott C. Tadler MD

Healing with us

 Are you ready to take that first step towards healing?

We are here to help.   We provide a comprehensive functional and alternative medicine assessment and create a personalize path to health.  We are here to inspire, educate and assist you along the way to your optimal health. 

Scott C. Tadler, MD has 25 years of medical experience. And is known internationally for his research in neuroscience, more specifically with regard to depression treatment.  Amanda Hoopes is a medium, psychic healer, health and nutrition coach.  Together Amanda's intuition and experience, her openness to patients and ability to connect, complement Scott's ability to  navigate complexity to find and institute effective approaches. 

Patients should be at a place where they are ready to undertake the investment in themselves and to heal.  This readiness derives from self reflection and ultimately self love.  Love yourself enough to heal, from the toxins, trauma, and stresses of this world.  You can expect that lifestyle changes will have a tremendous impact on enhancing health and even overcoming the effects of disease.  

Amanda Hoopes Dr. Scott Tadler

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