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The Amber Ray

Facilitator: Amanda Hoopes 2010

Photo Credit: Spring H. Allen Ulrich

The Amber Ray Class Description:

This six-week course prepares you to clear the body easily and effectively. Find the answers to common questions regarding your body and energy. Do you experience knee, low back, hip, or shoulder pain? Join us in class to learn what energy is stored in these areas and how to release this stuck energy for yourself, your children, loved ones, clients, friends, and family.

This sacred class holds the foundational keys to The Universal Laws of Healing our body, and soul, which opens the doorway for The Ego to find peace. You will learn about meridians, practical application, general guidelines, reflexology, energy work ground rules, and sacred geometric shapes. Where and how do these different shapes resonate with certain areas of your body and energy field.

Everything is created first spiritually, second emotionally, and third physically within the body!

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Information About Your Facilitator Amanda Hoopes

Amanda Hoopes is an energy specialist. She has studied energy since she was a child. Being raised inside of a Funeral Home provided many unusual experiences and opportunities to explore the "Other Side" Her most recent studies have explored how the human body stores and processes pain and experiences through its various systems and energy fields. She has discovered an easy way to release certain experiences, and messages delivered to us through pain and assists them in moving within and ultimately out of our bodies. 

Amanda is looking forward to healing and learning with you in this course.


"Love Your Light" ~Amanda

Working with Amanda

As a medical Massage Practitioner (Massage Therapist) I have always used deep tissue methods to rid the body of long-standing pain, but over the last 10 weeks, since working with Amanda, I have learned it does not always take away the pain to ride the body of its problems. I am amazed  with how much can be done energetically to aid the body to release stored negative energy. I use what I have learned from Amanda's classes on many of my clients and they love the difference it makes in their movement and in their lives! I am excited to continue learning!

Penny, A. 48 years old

I met Amanda a year ago. Since then, we have developed a great relationship as a teacher and student. I have taken numerous classes from her over this past year. Her knowledge expanded my own knowledge and expanded my way of thinking by her teachings. Here are some things I have learned from her class that is helpful; how the body works,  how the body works with nature and energy, the correlations with the human body and the universe itself. How to connect how our body is feeling and knowing this is a way our spirit communicated with us. I am so grateful I could get Hands-on experiential  learning from anyone else.

Jeff, R. 40 years old

I came to Amanda to develop my spiritual talents and I found her classes and training very helpful, I believe many people have a variety of spiritual gifts, Amanda is certainly someone who is gifted and she draws other gifted people to her. I have enjoyed learning from her and from others with her. I have learned how to understand better the energies that flow through me and others and to direct that energy for healing.

Mariner, F. 39 years old

I really enjoy going to Amanda's classes. It is an opportunity to connect with others who are open to learning and sharing what they learn, a place to meet new friends, and be with others who have similar beliefs. I learn a lot about the body, how it works, and how to heal. myself and then others, such as friends and family. I learn new things every week. I am a Theta Healer and I use what I learn in class to assist me with that practice too. I have seen miracles  take place because of my learning. It is also a place to go for healing. I experienced a lot of healing in class. We practice on each other and we learn as we go. Amanda is quick to assist if we have any questions. She makes it simple and goes slow so we can understand what she is doing. I have really enjoyed going to Amanda's classes. I recommend them to my friends and family who are open to them.

Tyrone, S 28 Years old

I have gone to many different therapists. They have all been decent and have assisted me in different ways. Amanda Hoopes has by far been the most powerful therapist I have found. Her energy has assisted in making such a difference in my life and I have made a lot of progress in just a few times that I have seen her. My life has changed for the better, like serendipity. She is such a powerful healer and teacher; I am glad to have found her.  I have been sexually, emotionally, and physically abused by every man and woman that I had been exposed to from birth to age 12.  As a result, I married abusive men. Amanda has taught me that the memories of abuse has been stored in my cells. She has assisted me  in releasing this from my DNA and cellular makeup. I fell this is the biggest thing I have experienced from her.  My body and soul feel lighter and les dense.  As a result of the abuse I have experienced growing up, I would have night terrors and general terror in every day life. Today I am experiencing less terror and less dread as a result of working with Amanda. I am finally excited about life, and I feel I have a chance at a normal one. This energy Amanda works with and the work she has been doing  I genuinely believe it is changing and benefitting by uplifting the planetary consciousness. Not just consciousness but the feelings of that I and others can be in control of our own lives. It is a living genealogy that heals our family, our ancestor's forwards and backwards, which also what I have experienced as well working with Amanda. Amanda my love and support to you always.

Anna, W. 65 years old

Staff Infection Treatment

This patient had received two rounds of antibiotics and was proving difficult to heal. Amanda was asked to assist in releasing the energy stored.


Amanda Hoopes

Worked only his pinky and ring finger, but when done there was only swelling and sensitivity where the sore is. It was a miracle and a beautiful experience for me to facilitate the clearing of energy with him.



Worked only his pinky and ring finger, but when done there was only swelling and sensitivity where the sore is. It was a miracle and a beautiful experience for me to facilitate the clearing of energy with him.

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