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4th Step in-person: Renewal Transferring into Tadler Hoopes

$160 Transfer In


This is a Two Step process

First Step: complete the eval


In this Telehealth appointment, we are able to identify the Qualifying Condition you had with your previous clinic. We then go through the process of the best way to gather your supporting medical records for our clinic, current Utah ID, and review the payment to the state of $15 and the separate payment of $160 to Healers Gathering you are then ready for your in person appointment with the Doctor.

Second Step: Schedule an appointment with the Doctor

Once you have completed your Transferring in Eval First Step (The First Step), you are able to schedule your Second Step the in person appointment with the Doctor

When you are preparing for this in-person appointment, please remember to bring your supporting medical records mentioned in your eval( the state requires medical records), your Utah ID, $15 on a debit or credit card to pay the state, and the $125.00 paid to Tadler Hoopes.




Tadler - Hoopes Renewal Frequently asked questions and Renewal Instructions

If you need any assistance with this process, please contact our office and we would be happy to assist you with it during a free 15 min scheduled consultation appointment.

Doctor and Patient
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