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Energy Services

Healers Gathering offers individuals a means to connect with themselves and the universe in which we reside. Through this, we can heal ourselves. Our vision is not limited to a "Western Medical" mindset and the results speak for themselves.

We believe that the "Western Medical" view is short-sighted, and its efficacy is limited as a result. To heal, the approach is holistic, as much spiritual and mind as the body. When we learn to connect with the earth, the universe, and with ourselves, we employ additional means to heal deeper. Some examples include mindful meditation, breath work, massage, psychedelic-assisted therapy, and healing baths.

Connecting with spirit, guides, ancestors, and your life path is easier with a guide.

Amanda has been facilitating card readings for over 15 years.

Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands
Image by Raimond Klavins
Reiki Treatment

The Amber Ray Modality is a synchronicity of Reiki, Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Massage therapies combined into one modality created by Amanda Hoopes

Massage room

Contrary to other healing arts, Reiki is passed from master to student through a reiki attunement that empowers the student to connect to the universal reiki source. 

 The attunement, is a sacred ceremony where Amanda transmits the higher vibratory frequency of Reiki energy to the receiving student, initiating a shift within their mind, body and spirit.

Many students consider this ceremony to be profound, life-altering, significant, or transformative.

House Clearing


This six-week course prepares you to clear the body easily and effectively. Find the answers to common questions regarding your body and energy. Do you experience knee, low back, hip, or shoulder pain? Join us in class to learn what energy is stored in these areas and how to release this stuck energy for yourself, your children, loved ones, clients, friends, and family.

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