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Our Patients' Stories

Happy Woman
My  son died in April of 2023 and I felt as if I fell off a cliff and was free falling into complete and forever darkness.  The force was making me continuously nauseous and cold.  I could barely catch my breath. After weeks of crushing despair I sought the help of Healers Gathering for my Healing.  My first ketamine treatment in combination with my guided journey was life changing.  I actually created my son out of star dust, light, atoms and space.  Through breath work they taught me how to be mindful and start breathing again. I was initially scared but it allowed me to access my darkness emotions. The illumination from total darkness started to enter with each session, more and more present. The darkness can not put out the light now.  I continued with my treatment and guide as well as functional medical approach including breath work, healthy eating, stress release, mindfulness, meditation and needed supplements designed for me. I thought my whole life I was prepared to deal with hard things but this took me completely  down.  So it needed extraordinary help.  That help arrived the day I set foot in their clinic. Forever grateful. 

Sally Olguard, M.S.W.,  Age 68

Functional Ketamine 

Holistic. Personalized. Guided. Expert Treatment that Works. 


  • When properly administered, ketamine is a rapidly acting antidepressant, antisuicidal and  analgesic. It treats neuropathic pain and helps with PTSD, substance use disorders and other mental health disorders.

  • It does this by opening  your mind to change (synaptic plasticity). With skilled integration (guidance) and a holistic approach, this plasticity allows for transformational healing. (See the analogy below). 

  • Ketamine helps to escape maladaptive thoughts and behaviors (patterns).  

    • Imagine you are on top of a mountain skiing. You typically take the same routes on your way down (defaults). Ruts develop,  Think of the ruts as your (unhelpful) current thoughts and behaviors.  When you are in a rut you can get stuck or fall.  Ketamine infusions are like fresh deep snowfall.  This  allows you ski out of the ruts into fresh tracks. It helps you to open your mind, find newer more effective pathways and heal.  

  • At Healers Gathering we provide the proper expertise, set, setting, guidance and assistance with effective change (reprogramming). These allow for better, more long lasting effects.


  • Ketamine is a safe anesthetic that can result in dissociative effects. (out of body experiences or psychedelic experience). With guidance, these can help us learn and heal. 

What makes us different at Healers Gathering?



  • Individualized, integrative (guided) therapy in a beautiful, peaceful and safe setting

  • Medical provider administration throughout (we never leave you alone in the corner afraid like most clinics).

  • The catalyst refers to expert ketamine administration to elevate you through various levels of consciousness (to the zero point, clear light).


  • This is accompanied by guidance with our physician of the soul (conduit with the Universe) who is a Reiki Master and psychic healer with 24 years experience in psychedelic guidance.

  • Set, setting, catalyst and conduit provide fertile soil for change and assist you in healing where you have struggled.

  • Our prices are low; similar to other clinics, but include a holistic medical evaluation, expert treatment and guidance.

For more information or to start the application process, please                    .    


Blessings on your healing journey,


Amanda Hoopes

Healers Gathering


Ketamine Services: catalyst and conduit

Ketamine Services




Functional medicine

Experienced guide & medical doctor during the entire session

Intravenous, evidence -based treatments

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