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2nd Step in-person: New Medical Cannabis Patient Card

$195 New Medical Cannabis Patient

In Person

New Medical Cannabis Patient

Meeting with the Doctor

Once you have completed your Qualifying Eval "The First Step," you are able to schedule your in person appointment with The Doctor


Other clinics leave you to do all of the paperwork alone. At the beginning of your appointment we walk you through the whole process of setting up your Electronic Verification System account with The State of Utah. 

 Completing this in the office or prior to your appointment assists you in gaining IMMEDIATE ACCESS to your medical cannabis card to be printed and be usable the same day as you are scheduled with The Doctor! 
ONE-YEAR and SAME DAY ACCESS to medical cards for new patients are available through our clinic.


When you are preparing for this appointment, please remember to bring your supporting medical records mentioned in your eval, your Utah ID, $15 on a debit or credit card to pay the state, and the $195.00 paid to Healers Gathering.

Medical Consultation
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