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Amanda L. Hoopes, Body Medium

Amanda Hoopes was born in Missoula Montana and raised inside a funeral home (mortuary). Her first language thus was not English but rather much more spiritual.  Not only was she exposed to physical death, emotional loss, and family grief, but (though no fault of her own) she saw and learned things most of us experience rarely in our lifetime.  She was gifted with the ability to communicate with souls that have crossed over also known as people who have passed away.  Amanda attributes her understanding of the threshold between this life and what we call death to this concordance of events. She often says, "I understood how to communicate in spirit (or "energy") before the English language."

Subsequent to this discovery, she has spent her life and career studying energy, working to understand our world and consciousness, and using this knowledge to heal or "liberate" others.   Some have accurately said that she was "born awake", and she has used it to heal.  To first heal herself from childhood traumas and after to heal others and the community that is her home. 

Since she began to work with Scott Tadler, they have 

focused on bridging two worlds together for the purpose of facilitating healing.  This effort is represented by the establishment of our holistic center. 

Amanda's journey led her to meet Dr. Tadler. His passion for treatment-resistant depression therapies that he researched, ketamine and propofol, and functional medicine has facilitated a synergistic collaboration.



That is what we offer here at Tadler Hoopes.  An intersection between, East and West, Science and Art, Tradition and Science, natural and technological.

Her Story

When she was 6, she moved into a funeral home in Lander, Wyoming with her family. When she was 11, she moved to Heber City, Utah, and lived inside a funeral home named Olpin-Hoopes Funeral Home. She grew up in funeral homes for most of her adolescence and attributes this experience to her ability to communicate with the other side (Mediumship). Amanda was subject to adverse childhood experiences and suffers PTSD as a result.  This motivated her to use her gifts for good and to help others to liberate themselves.  

Thus,  at age 16 Amanda started working as a C.N.A. (Certified Nurse’s Assistant) and at 17 became a  Certified Phlebotomist. She did her clinical hours in the hospital and found employment inside nursing homes, Alzheimer's units, and memory care facilities. She enjoyed working the thresholds vs. the hospital’s vortices and chaos. This is where she has worked ever since, at the "threshold." (Threshold: The means or place of entry: the place or point of beginning.)   

At age 23 Amanda studied Massage Therapy at the Utah College of Massage Therapy. She noticed that as she worked she could see "energy" flowing through the body (similar to meridians of Acupuncture or chakras in many traditional Eastern beliefs) The term used to describe this gift is a "body medium." 

She discovered she was able to: see the trigger points (blockages), meridians, and vortices inside the body, the ability to read energy stored inside the body (tissues) and in the aura, and the relationship between life events and the development of illness. 

Amanda has since dedicated herself to understanding her gifts and using them to liberate and heal others.  She dedicated herself to learning as much about how to heal our body, mind, and soul. This journey led to the decision to become a licensed minister as opposed to her massage therapy license. The minister's license does not limit her ability to facilitate spiritual healing; she can still lay her hands on people to help them heal during body sessions.

On her journey, Amanda studied and worked broadly and extensively, earning her many different titles throughout healing communities.  While energy work and alternative healing methods had not been widely accepted and in some areas actually shunned,  she worked in the underground, out of the public eye, and only by word of mouth. Some titles include: Reiki Master, Energy Master, Energy Worker, Light Worker, Body Intuitive Healer, Empath, Medium, Psychic, Spiritual Healer, and Crystal Master. 

Schooling completed from ages 21-24.
Utah College of Massage Therapy,
Impact Training Center,
Studied under a Hawaiian Kahuna,
Attuned to level 1, 2, and 3 Reiki Master

Licensed Minister

A true master is open to tradition yet also open to learning.  Healing challenges us and requires the growth and advancement of effective therapies.  During her studies, she began creating, Mind, Body, and Soul, the modality she now calls "The Amber Ray."  During her clinical hours, at Utah College of Massage Therapy; her teachers would schedule sessions with her and request her to practice her new modality on them and provided her with valuable feedback. Since then, Amanda has refined and improved the modality (which combines aspects of Shiatsu, etc..... ).  To do this, she treated as many people as possible. She started her own private practice "Healers Gathering" at age 23.

"Creating a place for healers to learn, grow, and gather together."



"As you shine your light, it liberates others from darkness." 


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. 

Blessings, Namaste, Espavo

Amanda Hoopes

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